USU WORLD 2020 -
The Digital Summit

scienITec GmbH

scienITec supports companies in the transformation of their business processes into IT. As IT-to-Business specialists, we look at projects holistically and in relation to the goals of the respective company. In doing so, we provide a deep understanding of the requirements of the various specialist departments, mediate between them and IT, and develop efficient and customized IT solutions that promise short and long-term success. We increase the efficiency and flexibility of IT operations and help IT departments offer and deliver their services to the specialist departments in a structured and understandable manner. The IT department of our customers turns into a recognized, internal service provider who, as a partner of the specialist department, understands the business, is proactive in achieving the company's goals and translates the innovation requirements of the specialist departments into technology in a timely manner. USU’s Valuemation product suite is an outstanding tool to implement that vision.